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Título : Effects of shade on germination traits of the endangered cycad Dioon edule (Zamiaceae)
Autor : Yanez-Espinosa, L.
Flores, J.
Cycad Society, Inc. (TCS Grants)
Palabras clave : environmental predictors; germinability; gymnosperms; photosynthetic photon flux density; shade
Fecha de publicación : mar-2016
Editorial : Botanical Sciences
Resumen : The endangered cycad Dioon edule requires shade provided by filtered sunlight under the canopy of trees or maternal plants during initial growth stages. It is known that germination improves under shade, but there is no report of radiation conditions. In order to understand how photosynthetic photon flux density PPFD) affect germination traits, we evaluated some germination indexes. A sample of three mature strobili and 200 viable seeds per strobilus were selected to evaluate seed size length, width, and fresh weight). Two experimental treatments were established simulating shade under the oak forest canopy with photosynthetic photon flux density 81 mu mol m(-2) s(-1) PPFD81), and under maternal plant canopy with photosynthetic photon flux density 17 mu mol m(-2) s(-1) PPFD17), as measured previously in the study site. Means of germination variables germinability, germination rate, synchronization, mean germination time and relative frequency of germination) for the two treatments were compared using a t-test. Seed size and germination data were submitted to correlation analysis. A regression was performed to environmental predictors temperature, relative humidity, photosynthetic photon flux density) of germinability. No significant correlation between seed size and germination traits was detected. Germinability was higher at PPFD17 89 %) than PPFD81 39 %), but mean germination time was similar across treatments. The germination rate was greater under PPFD17 but synchronization was the opposite. The low photosynthetic photon flux density stimulated D. edule germination, but also the spectral composition must be evaluated.
URI : http://ninive.uaslp.mx/jspui/handle/i/4201
ISSN : 2007-4298
eISSN: 2007-4476
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